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Have you ever felt like this?

I got into the health and fitness field because it really fulfills me. I wanted to help people achieve better physical health & performance.

When I saw the changes that nutrition, lifestyle and intelligent training made in my life, I wanted to share this gift with as many people as possible.

But I’ve been disappointed by how limited my opportunities to expand into more holistic topics are. Right now I feel stuck in my practice and don’t really know how I can get to that place where I can finally coach people in more parts of their life.

It also really frustrates me that I sometimes know why my clients are probably running into their challenges, but I'm missing a system of assessing, and more time and resources to coach my clients effectively.

If you have even remotely felt this way in your practice, you absolutely know the frustration and that goes with it…

… Your clients aren’t seeing why they have the problems that they do, but at the same time aren’t really open to anything new when you present it to them.

And when your client does follow through and wants to know more, you don’t really know how to assess their root challenges and you don’t have a clear system to coach them.

This can (and will!) kill your ambition and the love for your work.

So where can you find a system of assessments and the right exercise, lifestyle and coaching techniques that will guide both you and your client?

How can you make it clear that so many of your clients’ challenges can be solved with a skilled approach to nutrition, lifestyle and stress management…

… while at the same time making them understand that this work takes more commitment, financial investment and time?

We’ve felt these same frustrations and had these same questions ourselves – so we built a solution.

It’s a system of education where you can learn the exercise, lifestyle management, coaching and business skills to truly help your clients and build the practice of your dreams.

Welcome to the CHEK Academy

The pinnacle of CHEK Training, the CHEK Academy is holistic both in structure and in content, providing you with monthly learning experiences that will take you from our career-transformative introductory courses - Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 & Exercise Coach - all the way through to our most advanced C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 4 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 courses over a 5-year period.

The CHEK Academy delivers the highest standard of training, ensuring that each of its students receives constant support on their professional development. The CHEK Academy is a structured career path that will guide you to evolve into an Elite Holistic Health Practitioner and also teach you the skills you need to run a successful business through our business development workshops.

Each year of the academy is built on four learning elements: - in depth e learning correspondence courses, online workshops delivered through the CHEK Academy Portal, intensive live advanced training programs, mentorship, and live review workshops to help you apply what you've learned.

Your Online Portal

The CHEK Academy includes a significant amount of online educational material accessed via the CHEK Academy Portal.

Since 2012 CHEK Academy has been running successfully within Europe and with increased demand from North America and Australasia, it opened its doors in both these regions in 2014.

Each Academic student may watch workshops, webinars and Videos anywhere in the world, and have the ability to re-watch, and pause as needed. Each student, is part of the global community with monthly scheduled interactive group mentor meetings, faculty discussions, reviews of workshop material and have full access to the Business Coaching network.

All year 2 and 3 students, are given full access to the previous years Academy portal; just in case they would like to refresh some of the knowledge from the previous year. So as an example, a Year 3 student will be also able to access the full academic structure in Years 1 and 2 for no extra cost.

The other bonus of the CHEK Academy is the cost! Students may opt to apply for 1 year at a time OR get a further discount off the already CHEK Academy discounted price if they join for multiple years.

How can I join the CHEK Academy?

Students without any prior CHEK qualifications will apply to join the CHEK Academy for a three year period initially. Each applicant will be subject to a telephone interview with the CHEK Academy Director; who will be looking for them to demonstrate the level of commitment required to complete this phase of the CHEK Academy. Full details of the application process can be found here.

C.H.E.K Institute Trained Professionals can also apply to join the academy at the appropriate place in the three year academic plan. If accepted on to the academy they will have access to all online workshops delivered through the CHEK Academy Portal relevant to their level of entry so they can advance their level of expertise to their peers in the CHEK Academy.

On completion of the first three years if a student wishes to continue onto the Advanced CHEK Academy they must undergo a second interview with the Global Academy Director. On this occasion the applicant must demonstrate they are actively practicing as a C.H.E.K Practitioner and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and putting into practice everything they have learned in their first 3 years with the CHEK Academy.

On the Advanced CHEK Academy students will complete Holistic lifestyle Coach Level 3 and C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 3. Once they have graduated from the Advanced CHEK Academy you will be eligible to apply to become a Master C.H.E.K Practitioner you must complete a written thesis on a pre-approved topic and submit a video presentation of at least 1 hour.