The demise of the information age

We are entering a very special age in the development of the world and an age that is going to affect you personally and your health business.

The information age or the digital age has had a world wide shift on the way in which we live our lives; for most its been a wonderful progression and has made the world a much smaller place; connecting people instantly across the world. It has also developed business and one truly wonderful thing about the digital age is the streamlining of systems and tools we now use to run our businesses. It has come at a price for many however, manufacturing was one of the first industry’s to suffer from mass unemployment, as the digital age made it possible to reduce the work force and replace it with a computerised model. This trend will of course rise throughout different industries, but is a big part in the progression of world in which we live in.

In the healthy industry more and more technologies are being developed across the globe to offer the general public ‘instant’ health feedback. Basic devices already exist to give the wearer feedback on the heart rate whilst exercises, to how many steps per day the wearer has taken- these have been on the market for some time. But the next stage of this development is quite shocking.

The future of personal health devices will be a 24-hour, 7-day a week monitor linked to a health company which will monitor every aspect of your ‘readable’ health. The health company monitoring may even be able to have a rapid response to any ailment that the wearer is showing via their device. Now on the surface this looks like a fantastic development and for some it could be life saving! But for the majority it could very well lead to more reliance on the drug based culture.

An electronic device, will not be able to look Holistically at an individuals needs or understand what the true nature of ill health may be, it wont be able to assess all aspects of a clients life or develop a trust with the client that only a holistic health practitioner can!

The age of information in my view and for many is transitioning into a new age. The age of information has left most of us with ‘analysis paralysis’. Information is the internet- the Internet is the worlds biggest storage system, and all you need to do is access it and you will be provided with all the information your heart desires!

So why then, are our community’s and countries getting sicker, not healthier? For me, I believe we are reaching a point that people are so confused, they now need our help, as CHEK Professionals more than ever before BUT! You must not add to their burden of information overload, instead you must provide structured holistic health programmes that show your client HOW TO implement changes successfully over a period of time into their lives!

Going back to business basics, you must also stop and look at your current business and question ‘is more and more information really going to help you and your business grow and flourish?’ It will, but only if you can successfully implement the information and provide a service that no device or big cooperate can ever match!

When I built the brand new CHEK Academy model, I had this very problem in mind. I realised that what many CHEK Professionals, Osteopaths, Physios, Personal trainers or therapist lacked, wasn’t a lack of intellect; it was a lack of know-how how to make their business work for them!

As caregiver archetypes, we want to help people. But from years of business mentoring practitioners I find few know how to look after their business, which leads to either bankruptcy or a life unfulfilled because of lack of earnings.

For this reason I ask you to look at the way you do business differently, and look at applying to join my very small exclusive bunch of like-minded professionals all sharing a similar journey- The CHEK Academy.

The CHEK Academy is NOT about more certifications its about learning tried and tested ways to learn from the worlds most respected Holistic Health company; C.H.E.K Institute. It’s about not only growing your intellect and skills, its about growing a structured enterprise that will set you free from the ‘struggle’ of ‘busi-ness’.

The application process is open, for the new term which commences on October 1st. There are so many benefits of joining the CHEK Academy, but one of the most will be the structured path we give you to learn and grow a very successful business!

Applications close when we reach our capacity of 28 students of years 1 and 2 and 14 on year 3:

CHEK Academy Brochure


Click cover to view online or for PDF version click CHEK Academy brochure 2016

Take a different direction and join a community all-growing together!

Good Luck, I look forward to working with you personally over the coming CHEK Academy years.

Kind Regards

Gavin Jennings