North America – Year One

Students who have not yet taken any of the C.H.E.K Institute’s Advanced Training Programs will apply to join the CHEK Academy for an initial period of 1 to 3 years. Individuals who apply for a place as a first year student within the CHEK academy need to be committed to becoming a CHEK professional and be prepared to complete extensive home study as well as attend courses in either San Diego or Toronto throughout the academic year.

The following is the month by month plan for the first year of study for those students joining the October 1st, 2018 intake.

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Year 1 – Academic Plan – CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and CHEK Exercise Coach

The Base Study Period – First Six Months
The 1st phase of the Year 1 academy is about building your base knowledge.
October 2018 – Each student will receive a copy of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! They will also be issued access to the CHEK Academy Portal and their first online workshop: Anatomy & Physiology.

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! by Paul Chek and Anatomy & Physiology Online Workshop

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! serves as the basis of the C.H.E.K Institute’s philosophies covering a wide variety of topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management and healthy lifestyle coaching techniques.

Anatomy & Physiology: The purpose of this online workshop is to ensure that all students have the relevant background knowledge assumed in the three correspondence courses that are to be completed in this year.

For many this will be the first time this fascinating subject AND extremely important subject for a CHEK Professional, is covered as in depth as this. To others it will be a refresher into the subject and will ready the students for the advanced human function education ahead.

90 min Q&A on Anatomy & Physiology will be scheduled for November 26th at 12:00 pm PST.
November 2018 – Each student will receive the Scientific Back Training correspondence course via the e-learning platform.

Scientific Back Training

An essential tool to maintain a healthy back and reduce the risk of back injury both in and out of the gym. The course reviews and analyses the biomechanical intricacies of stabilization exercises as a necessary prerequisite to general strengthening of torso musculature for patients, the general public and athletes. This information is essential for preventing repetitive stress disorders that lead to injury. The synergistic interaction of muscle groups in performing complex frontal, transverse and sagittal plane movements are explained and assessments practiced. Technique flaws, harmful to spinal structures, that encourage postural degeneration are exposed, addressed and countermanded to re-establish optimal function. Phase 1, 2 and 3 spinal rehabilitation, stabilization and strength exercises are demonstrated, with variations and detailed technical cues.

December 2018 – Students will be sent a copy of the Movement that Matters book and will be provided access to the Program Design correspondence course via the e-learning platform.

Movement that Matters by Paul Chek and Program Design

Movement that Matters provides trainers and fitness enthusiasts with the tools needed to create functional training programs. Understand the body’s five different reflexes, and the six defining characteristics that determine if an exercise is truly functional.

Program Design: Move far beyond the “one-program-fits-all” approach and develop an in-depth understanding of how to use the science of selecting acute exercise variables to create effective programs for all your clients.

January 2019 – Students will be provided with access to the Scientific Core Conditioning correspondence course via the e-learning platform.

Scientific Core Conditioning

The most comprehensive program on conditioning the abdominal musculature. Expand your knowledge of the abdominal musculature and its biomechanical relationship to the entire kinetic chain, when applied to the prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance. This advanced program will streamline and empower your current approach to abdominal exercise prescription. It is a must for any professional involved in orthopaedic rehabilitation, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors and athletic trainers.

February 2019 – Students will be issued access to the second online workshop via the CHEK Academy Portal, Exercise Coach Prerequisite Review.

Exercise Coach Prerequisite Review Online Workshop

It is important that students have reviewed the information contained in the three e-learning courses already issued before attempting to complete this workshop.

This four-part online workshop covers each of the three e-learning courses and practical applications for assessments and exercises you have learned within Program Design, Scientific Back Training and Scientific Core Conditioning.

Exam Deadline: The deadline for completion of the Scientific Back Training exam is February 15th, 2019.
90 min Q&A on Exercise Coach Prerequisites will be scheduled for March 11th at 1:30 pm PST.
March 2019 – In this month students will attend the first C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program – the three-day Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 course from March 22-24, 2019 at C.H.E.K Institute, Carlsbad, California.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

This is the foundation of the Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program, focusing on effective techniques for attaining optimal health from the inside out that can be implemented by anyone. Laypersons and health and fitness professionals have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this course. During Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, you will use yourself as a case history, to become a living role model for your clients and patients! By completing questionnaires before the class, you can use this information over the three days to illustrate concepts and techniques. You will be shown how to identify common problems that, if not quickly recognized, can become roadblocks to success such as ineffective exercise programming, poor nutritional habits, stress, hormonal imbalance and gastrointestinal disorders.

Each day also includes practice of Zone Exercises that positively influence digestion, circadian health, stress and much more.

Exam Deadline: The deadline for completion of the Program Design exam is the March 15, 2019.
The Business Development Period – Second Six months
As we enter the 2nd half of the academy year, now it is time to redefine your business, implement the CHEK System fully and continue to build your unique CHEK business!
April 2019 – Students will be issued access to their third online workshop, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Review.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Review Online Workshop

This workshop is about how to apply the knowledge from the HLC level 1 program to your business, we cover such areas as How to plan a coaching session, what information to cover and common client roadblocks.

On completion of the workshop you will be given a powerpoint presentation you can use to promote your business.

On completion of HLC1 exam students are now officially recognized by the C.H.E.K. Institute as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and can add their profile to CHEK Connect so potential customers can search for them online. As a C.H.E.K Institute trained professional students are now eligible to attend for free the Monthly Webinars and Bi-monthly Coaching Calls provided by the C.H.E.K Institute the will be emailed details of the topics under discussion and reminders to register their attendance.

Exam Deadline: The deadline for completion of the Scientific Core Conditioning exam is the April 15th, 2019.
90 min Q&A on HLC1 Principles Review will be scheduled for May 13th at 11:30 am PST.
May 2019 – This month, students will receive PPS Success Program Lesson 7: How to Learn.

PPS Lesson 7.jsp

PPS Success Program Lesson 7: How to Learn

The journey to our dreams often requires that we learn new skills, and it’s easy to get bogged down in courses, webinars, seminars, manuals and journals. PPS Lesson 7 is all about making your learning process as efficient as possible so you can get to the real business of achieving your legacy.

It’s all about getting as clears as you can about exactly what you need to learn and developing a system of learning that reflects your unique learning style.

Over the course of this lesson, Paul will teach you the techniques he’s used to speed his own learning, including:

  • How to use your legacy to focus your learning process
  • How to determine your unique learning style
  • An introduction to the O.P.I.R. method
  • Tips to avoid distractions that can divert your attention and dilute your retention

In a nutshell, many of us went to schools ground in learning methods that simply didn’t fit with our psychology. This lesson is focused on discovering the learning technique that is right for you and making the most of it.

June 2019 – Students will be issued access to the fourth workshop via the CHEK Academy Portal, Creative Business.

Creative Business Online Workshop

You will be encouraged during this online workshop to use both your creative brain and your logical brain to build your perfect business.

The workshop is split into four sections after each one there will be an assignment to complete to move your business forward. Once completed the assignments are to be submitted to the CHEK Academy Coordinator so they can be reviewed by one of our business mentors and personalized feedback given to each student.

90 min Q&A on Creative Business workshop will be scheduled for July 5th at 11:00 am PST.
July 2019 – Students will be sent their final correspondence course for year 1, Primal Patterns Movements via the e-learning platform.


Primal Pattern ® Movements Correspondence Course

Today, despite the fact that we have more medical, sports and exercise technology and more doctors per capita than ever in history, we have more orthopedic injuries in almost every category recorded! It doesn’t have to be that way. Paul Chek shares his unique approach to preventing orthopedic injury and improving performance through nutrition and optimal motor engram programming.

August 2019 – Students will complete the CHEK Exercise Coach five-day Advanced Training Program on August 19-23, 2019 at C.H.E.K Institute, Carlsbad, California, U.S.A.


CHEK Exercise Coach

If you are truly interested in becoming a results-achieving exercise professional, then attend the CHEK Exercise Coach course. You will benefit from five intense days of lectures and practical training.

There is a maximum of 14 people per instructor in each course. This ensures you receive plenty of personal attention and interaction with the CHEK Faculty.

The CHEK Faculty have been hand-picked and trained to the highest standards. You will be learning from highly experienced, successful exercise specialists – among the best in their fields.

The traditional quote says “Knowledge is power.” At the C.H.E.K Institute our philosophy is that if you cannot apply knowledge, it is virtually useless. This course is packed with hands-on tools and techniques that you can use with your clients immediately.

This highly practical five-day course will give you the skills to become a superior exercise professional. After attending the CHEK Exercise Coach Program, you will be able to effectively administer individualized exercise programs for all types of clients. Correct technique is emphasised throughout the course, with plenty of hands-on assistance from the CHEK Faculty.

A key component of this course is the integration of mind-body fitness and traditional exercise prescription. You will understand how different types of exercise, from Tai Chi to cardiovascular conditioning to weight-training, affect both parts of the autonomic nervous system – an often neglected factor that is vital to achieving success with your clients.

September 2019 – This is the final month of the first year program and students will have the choice to attend a live workshop on the September 15-16, 2019 or attend remotely via Skype.


Exercise Coach Review Live Workshop

Following successful completion of the CHEK Exercise Coach 5-day advanced training program, students return for this LIVE review workshop.

Although the workshop is held live, students who wish to join the workshop remotely (via the internet) are able to do so if they wish. However, we do highly recommend joining the weekend in person.

The workshop starts at 10.30am on Saturday, allowing for students to travel to the venue either on Friday evening prior or Saturday morning. The workshop finishes on Sunday at 3 pm, again, allowing students to travel back on Sunday afternoon, ready for work on Monday morning!

During the weekend, we cover all the essential points from the 5-day course including:

  • Practicing the hands on assessments under the watchful eye of our CHEK Institute Instructors
  • A review of essential program design factors
  • Practical applications:
    • How to speak with a new client during the assessment
    • The assessment sequence
    • How to turn your assessment results from the CHEK Exercise Coach AND your Holistic Lifestyle questionnaire results into a specific health program for your clients

It’s also the time to celebrate the end of year 1 with fellow students and look forward to becoming a C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2, during year 2.

CHEK Licensing Program

The CHEK Licensing program is an essential component of being part of CHEK Institute, and ONLY Licensed practitioners may market themselves as a CHEK Trained Professional.

Being licensed also ensures potential new clients/patients seeking the services of a CHEK Professional can locate you through the ‘Find a Practitioner’ search engine on CHEK Connect.

Why does the CHEK Institute have a Licensing Program?

The purpose of the CHEK Institute Licensing Program is to ensure recognised CHEK Institute-Trained Professionals demonstrate a commitment to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional competency. For this reason, recognised CHEK Institute-trained Professionals are required to renew their Advanced Training every 12-months.

CHEK Institute Professionals – Joining the CHEK Academy

Students who have already completed any of the prerequisite correspondence courses or advanced training programs can still apply to join the academy. These individuals apply for a tailored made quote excluding the courses they have already completed.

How much does a Licence Cost?

Although there is a yearly fee for all CHEK Trained professionals, ALL CHEK Academy students are automatically renewed each year whilst currently part of the CHEK Academy AND their Licence fee is FREE-

CHEK Academy students receive a Complimentary Licence fee each year whilst part of the CHEK Academy.

There are 3 Licences to choose from

IPL:   The Individual Professional License is for CHEK Professionals who do not have their own workspace such as corporate gyms, online coaching, in-home visits to clients. All students will receive this License upon completing a course.

PFL:  The Professional Facility License is for CHEK Professionals who have their own facility (gym, studio, practice, etc.) The licensing fee covers the owner plus facility. Additional CHEK Practitioners working within the facility must also be licensed.

MPL:   The Medical Professional License is an Individual License for CHEK Professionals who are also medically trained professionals.


Each student must apply and be accepted into the Academy.

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