Michael Van den Bossche Michael Van den Bossche, Founder Natural Warrior Tribe

Over a year ago I first heard about the CHEK Academy, and at that time I wasn’t even active in the health and fitness industry. Yet, here I am one year later, thriving, doing what I love with passion and kickstarted my own CHEK training facility. The reason? Yes, you guessed it, the CHEK Academy.

Benjamin Cooper Benjamin Cooper, Benjamin Cooper Coaching

The reason the academy appealed to me was the sense of structure it gave to my education, it was like going to the best University on earth, where you never felt stupid for asking a question.


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How, you ask? Simple, by being surrounded by highly skilled professionals that not only walk the talk but also have their own unique specialty. It’s exactly that and the monthly guidance by your personal CHEK mentor that gives you direction and structure in this world of information overload.

Now, as you undoubtedly know, setting up a business is not an easy task and demands keen focus, time and energy. But honestly, it’s because of the simple organised way the courses are spread over the year, you have the time to go through the material at your own pace and let it soak in.

Lastly, the ‘crème de la crème’ has to be the ‘Business Workshop’. If you’re like me, practical skills in marketing and sales are something you miss as a starter, and that too is taken care of: The CHEK Academy provides you with a well-built Sales and marketing system that is easy to apply.

Thanks to all these tools I can now focus on what is truly important and matters: Inspiring people, help them discover their passion and coach them towards their goals.

So let me see, was joining the Academy a good idea?

Hell Yeah!

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ou are given a mentor straight away and that meant I always had someone I could email if I wasn’t sure about anything on the courses. Not only that but (CHEK mentors being the people they are) you can go to them with any problems and they will listen and advise with an open heart and mind.

The education side of the academy is a no brainer, you pay less for the courses, which are exceptional and life changing. I have to say that every time I have been to CHEK Europe I have left feeling like I can do anything and achieve anything. It’s that powerful. I think its stands alone as an institute where the faculty members are walking their walk and speaking from personal experience. You enter each academy course knowing you are going to go home with so many practical skills you can apply straight away with your clients.

One of the unique bonuses with the academy are the workshops. These are just weekend courses that really add the finishing touches to your skills. With these you can go back after your larger course and ask questions you could not think to ask earlier.

Marc Golland and Vanessa Waithe Marc Golland and Vanessa Waithe, M.A.S.K Personal Training

As a couple we own and run a health & fitness company specialising in 1-2-1 training. We joined the C.H.E.K. programme in order to be able to offer a greater range and depth of holistic health & fitness services to clients affected by 21st century life.

Dan Masters Dan Masters, Masters Personal Training

The CHEK Academy, is a brilliant addition To the CHEK educational system.

Previously, when you bought a course you were left to your own devices to complete the course, this meant procrastination and some times misunderstanding the material.

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As former athletes from different disciplines, we’d had great success with the majority of our clients helping them to lose weight and get fitter, however, more and more frequently we’d stumble across clients that we feel we couldn’t help quite as much as we wanted to. Clients who were prone to injury, clients who couldn’t sleep properly, clients whose energy and stress levels were all over the place meaning they couldn’t function properly in their careers or in their day to day lives. Clients that we had no answers for, that burpees and protein shakes couldn’t fix.

The deeper we looked in to these issues for ourselves, the more confused we got. Every fitness body or organisation had a different view backed up by research (often their own!). We were getting nowhere fast and soon realised that to really help these people, we needed to learn new skills…fast.

It was about this time that the universe saw fit for us to meet Gavin from C.H.E.K. Europe at a fitness business convention. We’d both previously been fans of Paul Chek’s work and after much deliberation we decided to join the programme.

We can honestly say that the first year of study has been totally life changing! The depth of learning, the skill set and it’s application from only year 1 has been simply mind blowing! We’ve never come across anything anywhere near this programme in it’s ability to almost immediately change lives. This is from 2 fitness professionals with post graduate exercise qualifications.
The Academy programme has proved it’s value time and time again. Workshops, seminars and courses are led by dedicated C.H.E.K. practitioners who actually practice what they preach. The learning takes place in a fun, non -intimidating and totally supportive environment and help is only a phone call or email away if you need it. Everything about the academy is set up to make the transition from your starting point to C.H.E.K. Professional a simply incredible journey!

We would wholeheartedly recommend joining the Academy to anyone who genuinely has the passion and desire to empower others and change lives through holistic health and fitness.
Simply THE best thing we’ve ever done…..until year 2!!!

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Now, with the combination of the monthly mentorship, quarterly meetings that cover the prerequisite course and the review weekend that covers everything you've learned in the last 12 months, it enables you as a coach and Practitoner to really step up your game and work with both sports specific clients and special consideration clients.

The way the fees are now spread over a monthly fee for the courses, also take a lot of financial burden off you in terms of paying a bulk upfront payment that for some can be crippling.

If you're a trainer wanting to take your education and business to the next level, the CHEK Acadamy is defiantly a step you should consider taking.